New e-fridge System From GAH

June 6, 2019

Introducing e-fridge from GAH, the new smart refrigeration solution delivering near constant capacity whatever the vehicle and whatever the driving conditions.

E-fridge from GAH is the new Intelligent Variable Electric System® designed to deliver power to refrigeration systems for all vehicle types. The new systems can be deployed across all GAH models with significant advantages for vehicle manufacturers, body builders and vehicle owners or fleet managers.

Vehicle Warranty Protection
This innovative new system places the power drive outside away the engine bay removing the need for invasive vehicle remodification which means the vehicle’s original manufacturer warranty is protected to the benefit of the vehicle manufacturer and vehicle owner alike.

Consistent refrigeration
Drawing its power from an independent battery the new e-fridge systems ensures consistent refrigeration capacity is delivered even with stop:start technology in place or when power supply is disrupted with the erratic nature of urban driving.

One stop solution
New e-fridge is the ideal solution to future-proof vehicle fleets of the future with its suitability for diesel, petrol, hybrid and full-electric engine technologies. The system enables a near constant refrigeration, and can be deployed across mixed vehicle fleets.

Effective operation
Removing the power supply from the harsh environment of the engine bay significantly reduces the potential for wear and tear over time to fittings and helps protect the integrity of the coolant.

The new Intelligent Variable Electric System, e-fridge, from GAH is a revolutionary advance in transport refrigeration suitable for all commercial engine and vehicle types and fully compatible with all existing GAH products.

GAH e-fridge.  Near constant cooling in a stop-start world.