New! Fridge fleet data – every vehicle, every minute.

September 4, 2020

Introducing GAH Connect – the next generation fridge fleet management system

GAH are proud to announce the launch of Connect, an innovative new digital management system for fridge fleet operators that links fleet managers and GAH “virtual engineers” to real-time fridge performance data through an online dashboard.

Developed in partnership with BT, GAH Connect harnesses the power of mobile data networks to deliver extensive information to fridge fleet operators in real time, vehicle-by-vehicle, minute-by-minute.

The goal is simple – increase uptime and reduce downtime for refrigerated vehicles through rapid remote evaluation and management of fridge fleet service needs.

Improve efficiencies, maximize uptime
This innovative new integrated system monitors fridge performance, door-opening intervals, defrost cycles and fridge status for every vehicle in a fleet and feeds the data in to simple to use dashboard to enable remote analysis of fridge performance and service needs. The system can also include vehicle tracking and data-puck data verification all through its single lens dashboard.

The virtual engineer
GAH Connect means many service requirements and assessments can be undertaken remotely which significantly reduces the need for vehicles to be taken off the road for assessment. It is like having a GAH service engineer in the cab. The visibility of data in real time enables early identification of service or maintenance requirements and many fridge performance settings can be adjusted remotely rather than bringing the vehicle in to a service bay or making a roadside examination.

Ground-breaking innovation
GAH’s dedication to innovation in transport refrigeration and BT’s immense capability in mobile data communications have combined to create a ground-breaking new service for the cool chain industry that will improve performance and efficiencies for years to come.

Available now!
GAH Connect is available in 1, 2, 3 and 4 year contract periods in line with service packages. Ask for more details at